Family members lodge multiple complaints of nursing home abuse

Missouri families who make the tough but necessary decision to place a loved one in a nursing home have the right to expect that the care will be up to standard. However, there are frequently issues with many of these facilities that lead to the patients being injured, ill or losing their lives. Since family members often do not find out about nursing home neglect or abuse until it is too late, it is critical to keep an eye out for the warning signs and know which facilities might have had problems in the past. When there is a belief that abuse or other problems are taking place at a nursing home, a legal professional should be consulted.

An investigation of a nursing home is underway after a woman complained about the treatment her husband received while in the facility’s dementia unit. She says her husband suffered from Parkinson’s disease for much of their two-decade marriage. When he began suffering from dementia, she put him in the facility just before New Year’s 2017. She believed that the facility was capable, as it had taken care of her mother as well as friends. However, an ownership change in April 2017 changed her perspective.

In June, her husband climbed out of a window and was missing for hours. Other complaints have been made regarding injuries to patients and general lack of care. When the woman whose husband is suffering from dementia went to see him recently, she found that he was not wearing pants and was covered in excrement. Her husband complained of being hurt. He has since been moved to a new facility.

There are many ways in which a nursing home resident can be subjected to abuse. There can be physical mistreatment, sexual assault, failure to give the necessary care, financial mismanagement, emotional abuse and more. People can suffer long-term damage and even die as a result. Families who believe that their loved one has been abused in a nursing home should know that they have the right to seek compensation for all that happened. Having legal assistance from a law firm that understands how to accumulate evidence and pursue compensation for nursing home abuse is key.

Source:, “Woman warns of Independence nursing home facing state investigation after alleged neglect,” Kera Mashek, May 2, 2018