Fatal accident kills two construction workers when cable breaks

Risk is an inherent part of doing construction work or any physical job in Missouri and other states across the nation. These jobs generally require that the workers do certain things that place them in jeopardy as part of completing a project. It is also dangerous when repairs are being done, as they are frequently necessary at great heights. It is an unfortunate reality that accidents happen. In some instances, they lead to injuries. In others, they result in the loss of a loved one in a fatal accident. When this happens, the family must be cognizant of their needs in the present and future, as a wrongful death legal filing might be needed to receive compensation.

According to recent reports, two workers that were in an elevator shaft died when the basket they were in fell six stories. The men were contractors and were working on a construction project at the time. They were 58 and 44. According to the investigation, the men were cutting pipes, and an accident happened, causing the basket to fall. It is believed a cable designed for safety broke. At this time, it is not known why the cable broke. The men had worked in construction for two decades each and were said to have experience in this type of work. A new piece of equipment was being used for the first time on this project. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA is investigating the accident.

While construction accidents and fatalities can happen as part of the risky nature of the work, it does not mean that those who have been affected are not entitled to answers and compensation. There will be funeral costs, pain and suffering, lost wages, lost companionship and more. The reason for the accident must be discovered. If it was due to a mistake on the part of the company, a flaw in safety procedures or any other issue, this can be vital to a case. This is true whether it was a contractor or a person working directly for the company.

In this accident, two workers died when they fell an estimated six stories as they worked on a construction site in an elevator shaft. They were working for a contracting company. As the investigation into this fatal accident continues, their families must make sure they are protected by discussing a legal filing with a wrongful death attorney as soon as possible.