Fatal car accident injuries caused when truck slams into car

As long as passenger vehicles and big rigs share the same roads, occupants of cars will be at risk. When a car is in the way of an out-of-control tractor-trailer, car accident injuries can be catastrophic — or even fatal. Such an incident recently occurred on a highway in Missouri.

A Missouri State Highway Control trooper reported that the crash happened late on a Monday evening earlier this month. A 76-year-old man was at an intersection on U.S. 60 where he was in a stopped vehicle in the center median. The 37-year-old driver of an approaching tractor-trailer apparently failed to maintain control of his truck and smashed into the car in the crossover.

Reports indicate that the big rig driver was speeding immediately before the crash. The driver of the car and his 75-year-old wife both suffered injuries, and emergency vehicles transported both to a hospital. Reportedly, the wife’s injuries were less severe, and she was released from the hospital after two days. Sadly, her husband succumbed to his wounds four days later. The tractor-trailer driver also suffered serious injuries.

The surviving family members of the driver who died from his car accident injuries may file a wrongful death lawsuit in a Missouri civil court to pursue recovery of damages. Also, the widow of the deceased driver may seek recovery of her own medical expenses and related damages. They may file the lawsuits against the tractor-trailer driver and the trucker’s employer. Upon proof of negligence, the court may enter monetary judgments to cover documented claims for financial and emotional losses.

Source: webstercountycitizen.com, “Wreck claims local life“, Dan Wehmer, Dec. 14, 2016