Fatal car accidents: Alleged DUI driver arrested at the hospital

In one of the many fatal car accidents that have been reported during the holidays in Missouri, a 41-year-old woman lost her life. Despite campaigns to warn motorists about the dangers of driving while under the influence of alcohol, many drivers choose to take to the roads while they are impaired. Devastating car accidents may result. In some cases, authorities have found that drivers impaired by alcohol were also suspected of drug use.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported an accident that occurred earlier in December on Highway 100. The accident report states that a 41-year-old driver with one passenger was westbound on the highway when she encountered an approaching vehicle in her lane, traveling in the wrong direction. She was unable to avoid the head-on collision that followed and was killed on impact. Her passenger and the wrong-way driver were rushed to the hospital, and both suffered severe injuries.

Authorities suspected that the wrong-way driver was under the influence of alcohol when the accident took place. In addition, drug paraphernalia was found in his possession. The driver was arrested while he was hospitalized and will be facing charges of vehicular manslaughter and assault. In addition, he will face charges of careless operation of a vehicle, driving under the influence of alcohol and possessing drug-related equipment.

Missouri motorists who have suffered injuries in car accidents, and families who have lost loved ones in fatal accidents, retain the right to initiate legal action in pursuit of monetary damages sustained. They retain the right to file personal injury and/or wrongful death claims in a civil court. Proper presentation of negligence on the part of another party may lead the court to enter a monetary judgment to cover medical costs, end-of-life expenses and other documented losses.

Source: mysullivannews.com, “Alleged Drunk Driver Cause Of Fatality Accident”, Dec. 22, 2014