Fatal motor vehicle accidents rise with light rain

Fatal motor vehicle accidents rise with light rain

Missourians know that the roads can be a dangerous place. With the risk of auto accidents increasing with the number of drivers who are distracted and reckless, worry is understandable. However, another issue that poses a danger for a car crash with catastrophic injuries and death is inclement weather. While certain types of weather are known to be dangerous, a new study says that even slight rain can cause a significant chance of a fatal accident. Those who were impacted by this type of crash should be cognizant of the research when considering a legal filing for compensation.

The Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society says that with wetter roads, the risk rises. Ice, snow and rain raise the chance of a fatal accident by 34 percent. What is worrisome is with rain that is considered “slight,” the danger of a crash rose by 27 percent. The lead author of the study examined more than 125,000 fatal accidents in the continental U.S. excluding Alaska and Hawaii for the five years from 2006 to 2011. The number of vehicles on the road was a factor when determining the risk of a fatal crash.

This study is different from previous studies in that precise weather information was used in differentiating between rain and snow and how hard it was falling. While drivers tend to take more caution in heavier rain, they will downplay the dangers when it is slightly raining. If it is raining moderately, there is a 75 percent greater chance of a crash than when there is nice weather. The Midwest had some of the higher rates of fatalities in rain and snow.

Among the road issues that put people in jeopardy, weather remains one of the biggest. Often, that is classified as heavy rain, snow, hail and other weather events. But as this study indicates, even slight rain can be a factor in a crash. For those who have been hurt or lost a loved one in an auto accident, it is important to assess the circumstances and have legal assistance to seek compensation for lost wages, medical costs, funeral expenses and pain and suffering. A law firm that understands motor vehicle accidents can be of assistance in filing a case.

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