Fatal pedestrian accidents in Missouri

Fatal pedestrian accidents in Missouri

It is quite hard to comprehend how any individual could cause a motor vehicle accident and then, without regard, just vanish from the scene. When a hit-and-run accident occurs, victims can be left with the remnants of the horrible incident and the other party is, unfortunately, nowhere to be found. Pedestrian accidents in Missouri often result from a hit and run and, at times, they are fatal.

Recently, an 88-year-old Missouri man standing on a sidewalk was tragically killed when a minivan collided with a car. The driver of the car was taken to the hospital in stable condition while the driver of the minivan fled the scene. Flying debris caused by the accident struck the elderly man in the leg. After complaining of pain in his leg, he was taken to the hospital where he sadly passed away two weeks later.

It is quite unfortunate when you have a hit-and-run accident let alone one that involves a pedestrian fatality. People who flee any motor vehicle accidents seem to have very little regard for human life. Once the Missouri authorities in this accident locate the driver of the minivan, the driver may likely end up facing criminal and civil charges.

Unfortunately, a majority of Missouri pedestrian accidents involve motor vehicles. Subsequent to these tragedies, families of a lost loved one or those suffering from injuries may have certain legal rights reserved for each situation. Should the responsible individual be apprehended, a victim suffering with injuries from an accident will have the right to file a personal injury civil claim. Meanwhile, the family of a lost loved one will have the right to file a wrongful death claim. Compensation awarded from a successful lawsuit can assist the family or injured victim with any expenses incurred as a result of a devastating accident.

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