Father runs campaign to reduce distracted driving car accidents

Following up on our blog post about distracted driving on Oct 24 (“How will you prove distracted driving caused your personal injury”), a grieving father is trying to create awareness of distracted driving after the death of his daughter. She was one of three students of a Missouri High School who lost their lives in car accidents during the past six months. His concern shares that of many others about the high numbers of teenagers dying on our roads.

Just over a year ago, the father lost his daughter when she was distracted while driving. Joining him in his quest to raise awareness among teenagers is the school management, along with the Missouri Highway Patrol. It was reported that the number of teenage deaths daily on roads across the country is as many as 17. Often, these accidents are the result of distracted driving, mostly by using mobile devices.

However, the concern is not only for the teenagers who may lose their lives while driving a motor vehicle in a distracted manner. The campaign may make young drivers think twice before texting and driving, but it may also benefit other motorists. Many distracted driving accidents involve other vehicles with devastating consequences. Severe injuries and even fatalities could be the result of such accidents.

Missouri residents who have suffered injuries — or lost loved ones — in car accidents that were caused by a distracted driver may choose to pursue recovery of damages incurred. They are entitled to bring a personal injury or wrongful death claim that documents the alleged negligence in a civil court. Successful presentation and presentation of a claim may lead to an award of restitution to cover medical and other expenses as allowed by state laws.

Source: kait8.com, “Father of teen killed in car accident speaks out about distracted driving”, Kadee Brosseau, Oct. 24, 2014