Firefighter killed in one of many car accidents in Missouri

Losing a husband and father in a crash is naturally an extremely traumatic experience. A veteran Missouri firefighter lost his life in one of the many car accidents which are annually caused by the alleged negligence of other parties. Many families go through similar trauma almost daily.

It is not only the loss of his income that will be missed by his family, but so much more. A husband and father’s companionship is irreplaceable, and since the son of the deceased is a firefighter in the same precinct, a special bond of camaraderie probably existed between them. Their loss will certainly be huge.

The 49-year-old firefighter was off duty and heading west on Route O when the driver of an oncoming eastbound vehicle allegedly decided to overtake the car in front of him or her. The two cars crashed head on, and the firefighter was killed instantly. The condition of the driver of the other vehicle was not reported; however, it was announced that a passenger, age 11, in that vehicle sustained serious injuries. Officials reported that an investigation is under way but that there was no evidence to indicate that alcohol was a contributing factor in the collision.

Missouri residents, who are mourning the death of loved ones after similar car accidents, may want to retain the services of an advocate who has the necessary knowledge related to state laws. As with the family in this case, all residents who have lost loved ones through negligence have the right to file wrongful death claims in a court of law. When such a case is successfully litigated, the court may award monetary restitution. Although no amount of money will change what happened, the compensation may help to cover funeral and burial costs and help the family to find closure after the tragedy.

Source:, Eureka firefighter killed in car crash, Jeanie Smith, March 8, 2014