Goodyear tires could have been factor in motor vehicle accidents

Missourians and anyone on the road in a motor vehicle might not think about the importance of the fundamental parts of their automobile. Tires are a prime example. When there is an issue with tires, it can lead to danger, an accident and injuries and fatalities. In many cases, those who were in a crash might not even be aware that it was because of a problem with the tires. If the victim becomes aware of a defect, it could be the basis of a legal filing.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has sent a letter seeking information from Goodyear as to the safety of its G159 tires. An investigation into these tires started in late 2017 and centered on whether they were safe or not. This came after a judge ordered the company to release data that had been sealed after settlements and court orders. According to the legal filings and safety advocates, the tires were made to be placed on delivery trucks, but not on recreational vehicles that are able to go at higher speeds on highways. The company is accused of hiding the issues with the tires by coming to settlements with people who filed cases and getting the records sealed by judges. No recall was ever issued.

Goodyear says that it intends to cooperate fully. The tires were made between 1996 and 2003 and covers approximately 40,000 of them. The NHTSA says that there was a total of 38 claims of injury or death from 1998 to 2002. From 2003 to 2015, there were 57 claims. It is not clear how many of the accidents were fatal and how many were injuries. Production of the tires ended in 2003, but these tires are still believed to be in use. The company has offered people who think they might have these tires on their motorhome a free inspection.

Many people have recreational vehicles and enjoy traveling across the country. There is an inherent belief that these vehicles will adhere to the strictest safety requirements from top to bottom. When there is a defect in the tires or they are marketed to vehicles for which they are not made, it can cause accidents. Those who believe they were injured or lost a loved one because of faulty tires should understand their right to seek compensation in a legal filing. A law firm that is experienced in filing cases after motor vehicle accidents can help to investigate the claim, do a crash reconstruction and move forward in seeking compensation.

Source:, “Goodyear tires may have caused 95 deaths or injuries, agency says,” April 6, 2018