Head-on auto accident kills child, injures multiple people

Injuries and fatalities can result from any type of auto accident in St. Peters and throughout Missouri. Some of the worst are when there are children involved. People might be adhering to all the laws, driving their vehicle safely, ensuring that the children are properly restrained and taking the necessary steps to keep everyone safe, but an auto accident can happen without warning. If it is a head-on car crash, there can be catastrophic injuries and death. Those who have had the misfortune of being in this kind of auto accident must keep in mind that they have the right to consider a lawsuit.

A head-on car accident led to the death of a child and injuries to several other children and adults. According to law enforcement, a van was heading west when it apparently skidded on ice. The vehicle went out of control and crossed the center line and into the opposite lanes. It crashed into a vehicle with two adult females and three children inside.

An emergency medical technician was passing by, stopped and tried to help a severely injured 4-year-old by giving first aid, but she was later declared dead. There was also a child who was nearly 2-years-old and a 7-month old in the vehicle. All the people involved in the accident were taken for treatment. The two surviving children were said to be stable, as were the others who were hurt. The case is still under investigation.

For people who are injured in a car accident, there are many things they need to think about, including medical expenses, lost income, long-term damage and radical changes to their life. When there is a fatality, especially to a young child, the emotional impact can equal or surpass the physical pain they are experiencing. While a legal filing will not bring the loved one back, it can be helpful to cover expenses and provide them with compensation to try to begin the process of healing. Before anything, calling a law firm experienced in car accidents is a key facet of filing a personal injury lawsuit.