Helping you hold a property owner liable after a slip-and-fall

Helping you hold a property owner liable after a slip-and-fall

When a person enters the property of another, they generally do not think about all the potential dangers that could be present. This is especially true when it is a public space and a person has the right to enter the property as a visitor or patron. Unfortunately, when property owners fail to maintain a property or rid it of known dangers, a visitor could suffer harm in a slip-and-fall accident.

At The Johnson Law Firm, LLC, our attorneys understand that a negligent property owner may be to blame for a slip or fall. Because property owners are responsible for maintaining their property and keeping their premises safe, if a visitor, customer or patron is harmed because of a hazard the property owner failed to promptly fix, this could make them responsible for the harms suffered.

Our law firm understands how shocking and overwhelming a sudden accident like a slip-and-fall can be. A victim could suffer trauma to their head, neck or back and injuries to their limbs and internal organs; thus, the losses and damages can be extensive. Our attorneys take the time to assess the details of the matter, helping to prove the cause, fault and damages suffered.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s slip-and-fall accidents website. The injuries that befall a person because of a slip-and-fall can be significant and life impacting. Thus, it is important to understand you legal recourses. A premises liability action could help an injured party hold a negligent property owner liable for the harms caused to them, helping them recover compensation to address these losses.


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