Hold nursing home accountable if you see signs of abuse

Hold nursing home accountable if you see signs of abuse

Missouri residents look to nursing homes to provide a high standard of care for their loved ones and to handle family members with compassion, competence and care. We expect there to be adequate staff to ensure patient’s health and safety. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and the instances of nursing home abuse and neglect are on the rise, which has the ability to not only devastate the patient but also their family members.

Nursing home negligence can cover many aspects, from bedsores and malnutrition to physical and mental illnesses. As mentioned previously on this blog, there are certain signs one can look for to determine if a loved one is a victim of nursing home negligence, such as sudden loss of appetite, injuries or isolation. When these symptoms appear, it is necessary to expertly investigate these claims of abuse.

Nursing homes are regulated by state and federal regulations, which impose duties and standards of care on the nursing home staff and practitioners. When these standards are violated, it can result in fines, penalties and loss of licenses for the nursing home. Even more important, family members can hold the nursing home accountable for their negligent behavior.

We are experienced in investigating nursing home abuse claims and work quickly and efficiently to collect and preserve evidence to prepare a case. We deal with clients personally and address their concerns ourselves-we do not outsource them to paralegals who are unaware of the situation. We consult with all the necessary experts to prepare a case, so that our clients do not have to. for more on nursing home negligence, visit our page.

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