Holidays and distracted driver behaviors risky

Missourians are often in a rush during the holidays with work, family concerns and preparations for the upcoming celebrations. This will lead to the inevitable attempt at multitasking. By itself, distracted driving is dangerous, but when it is combined with the holiday rush, it can lead to car accidents. Researchers are constantly trying to gauge the risk of distracted driving; information about this has recently been released and drivers should take note.

TrueMotion has a series of driving apps that measure how often people use their cellphones for various activities. It says that there is a rise in distracted driving during the holidays by one-third. According to the National Safety Council, the pre-Thanksgiving estimates stated there would be more than 400 fatalities and more than 49,000 serious injuries in auto accidents. The statistics for the recently passed holiday are not yet known. In 2015, there were 273 deaths on Christmas and 355 deaths on New Year’s Day. The statistics cited by TrueMotion is not guesswork, but based on the 3,000 people who downloaded the app for a recent survey.

Certain factors, such as the driver exceeding the speed limit, driving while distracted, braking behaviors and more are considered. Content that the driver is using on the cellphone is not seen, so it is unknown whether people are sending texts, watching videos, playing games or checking social media. The holiday rush has sparked speeding, distracted driving, and other dangerous acts. People were found to be making fewer phone calls, but sending more texts. Regardless of the nearly universal ban on texting and driving, people continue to do it.

In 2016, there were 391,000 injuries and 3,450 fatalities because of distracted driving. The problem is not going away. For those who are in a car crash or any kind of motor vehicle accident, the aftermath can change their lives in direct and significant ways financially, emotionally, physically and personally. A law firm experienced in all forms of motor vehicle accidents cases should be called for guidance and to help pursue compensation.