How dangerous are boating accidents?

How dangerous are boating accidents?

The weather is warming, spring is upon us, and more and more Americans will be outdoors enjoying their favorite recreational activity. Some like to hike or bike, others are active in recreational sports, others hit the roads in their motorcycles and others still hit to the waters for some boating activities.

Whether you are on the Mighty Mississippi, the Missouri River, or one of the countless nearby lakes, one must continue to pay attention as accidents can occur, often leading to serious injuries or even death.

According to a report filed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Coast Guard and the Office of Auxiliary and Boating Safety, accidents on the water are not uncommon and can come in many forms.

The U.S. Coast Guard believes that in 2015 alone, nearly 4,200 recreational boating accidents accounted for over 2,500 injuries and 626 deaths in the United States. Unfortunately, most of these cases can be attributed to some form of negligence or fault of the boat operator. The study found that among the top five contributing factors that lead to these accidents included excessive speed, improper lookout, operator inexperience and most commonly operator inattention. In addition, boating under the influence of alcohol was the leading contributing factor, accounting for at least 17 percent of all deaths.

If anyone is involved a motor vehicle accident, whether it is involving a car, truck, motorcycle or boat, an accident could occur that leads to a wrongful death, and possibly a suit against a negligent driver. There is typically a statute of limitations on how long you can wait before filing a suit, so it is likely in your best interest to wait before reaching out to a firm to see discuss your situation and determine whether you could be entitled to compensation.

Source: U.S. Coast Guard, “Recreational Boating Statistics, 2015,” Accessed May 22, 2017

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