How to stay safe in wet weather

How to stay safe in wet weather

Failing to be a conscious, cautious and observant driver can cause serious harm. This is especially true when the driver is operating a large commercial truck. Truck accidents in Missouri are often times fatal. It is common for drivers to have an uneasy feeling when passing tractor-trailers on the highways and byways. Unfortunately, while a majority of truck drivers practice safe driving, there are those truck drivers who do not.

Recently, a 47-year-old man and a 48-year-old woman were tragically killed while sitting in a pickup truck at a red light. A 33-year-old truck driver failed to stop his tractor-trailer and collided into the back of the pickup. As a result of the impact, it caused the pickup truck to crash into a tractor-trailer sitting at the red light. Sadly, the victims in the pickup truck died at the scene.

Both tractor-trailer drivers walked away unharmed. According to news reports, the tractor-trailer driver who initially caused the collision was charged with two counts of second-degree murder. A judge set his bond at $750,000.

Losing a loved one to a careless accident such as this can cause tremendous heartbreak and utter chaos. An experienced Missouri personal injury attorney can greatly help the families of deceased victims of negligence in truck accidents file wrongful death claims. In addition, the families may also be able to file liability claims against trucking companies. Ultimately, the family members who achieve a successful lawsuit after the death of a loved one may be compensated for medical and burial costs as well as any other additional related expenses.

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