Ignored recalls could cause a ride sharing auto accident

Ignored recalls could cause a ride sharing auto accident

Missourians who want to avoid driving will often use public transportation or catch a ride with a friend or colleague. The abundance of ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft has provided a more convenient option to get from one place to the other without needing to think about the costs and hazards associated with driving oneself. Despite the potential benefits, there are risks. One that is becoming known is the number of these vehicles that are on the road despite being subject to recalls. For those who were in a crash and suffered personal injury or lost a loved one in a ride sharing accident, this is a key factor when considering a legal filing for compensation.

According to Consumer Reports, one in six vehicles driven for Uber and Lyft in Seattle and New York were subject to recalls that had not been addressed. This issue was not limited to the ride sharing vehicles. Taxis and car service vehicles also had outstanding recalls in many cases. Because of the failure to bring the vehicles in for the necessary repairs, passengers are unwittingly placing themselves at risk. Air bags might not work correctly, the engines could be subject to failure and car fires are possible.

In New York City, an estimated 94,000 of these vehicles were analyzed. Thirty thousand taxis, limousines and livery cabs were also part of the research. Using vehicle identification numbers and running them through an available search tool that will say if recalls are in effect, the researchers came to their conclusions. Uber says that it has a system that will stop vehicles with an open recall from being part of their service. Lyft claims to inspect vehicles before they go on the road. As for the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission, it checks vehicles for outstanding recalls, but does nothing to enforce it.

What should be concerning to people across the nation is that the areas that were studied could be a microcosm of the danger throughout the U.S. People who enter a vehicle believing that the companies have proper oversight could place themselves in jeopardy. After motor vehicle accidents in ride sharing vehicles, the medical expenses, lost income and long-term concerns will be costly in a financial and personal way. A law firm that helps those who have been impacted by a crash should be called to investigate and to pursue a legal claim.

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