Inconsiderate lane changing can cause serious truck accidents

Inconsiderate lane changing can cause serious truck accidents

Missouri drivers may not recognize the dangers of driving in the vicinity of large trucks. When traveling on multi-lane highways, it is not uncommon for semi-trucks or tractor-trailers to change lanes without considering other vehicles. Drivers of these huge vehicles often say that blind spots exist, and they may deny responsibility for truck accidents. Drivers of smaller vehicles commonly expect truck drivers to take extra care. Truck drivers may be wise not to assume that sedan drivers know exactly where they need to drive in order to be visible to the driver of a truck.

An elderly couple was hospitalized after a recent accident on eastbound U.S. 36, after the possible inconsiderate lane changing of a semi-truck allegedly caused an accident. In a report, the Missouri State Highway Patrol stated that the eastbound sedan was in the process of passing the semi-truck when the truck apparently moved into its lane unexpectedly. The semi reportedly came into contact with the sedan’s side, sending it off the roadway. The car then crossed the center median and smashed into a guard rail.

Both occupants of the sedan suffered injuries and were taken to a medical center by one of the state troopers. No injuries were suffered by the driver of the semi-truck. The two injured passengers, ages 72 and 69, were reported to have been restrained by safety belts when the accident occurred.

When elderly people suffer injuries in car or truck accidents, they often require more time than younger people to recover. This may lead to high and possibly ongoing medical expenses and may cause financial difficulties. In order to pursue compensation, they have the option to bring personal injury claims to a Missouri civil court. For such claims to be successful, detailed documentation of medical and other damages will be required, along with proper presentation of the claim in the court.

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