Information needed for claiming after hit and run car accidents

Whenever drivers are involved in car accidents, the law typically requires them to stop and provide contact information — regardless of whether it is a pedestrian, another car or property that was struck. When a driver deliberately leaves an accident scene, it is regarded as a hit and run accident. Missouri residents will likely know that expenses following personal injury or property damage could add up to sizeable amounts, and pursuing recovery of damages following hit and run car accidents may prove to be complicated.

In many cases, there is little or no evidence at the accident scene, and a thorough investigation may be required to build a strong case. The knowledge of an experienced attorney may be invaluable. However, every bit of information gathered from an accident may help to trace the hit and run driver. Depending on the circumstances, the victim may be able to take note of the make, model and license plate number of the vehicle, along with contact information about any witnesses.

In addition, photographs of the crash scene, including the damage to your vehicle may be helpful. Such damage may show evidence of the other car’s paint, and there may be damaged bits left behind, such as broken headlight or bumper pieces. Even if your car was struck while you were not there, make a note of the time, location and damage incurred. Asking around, if possible, may lead to witnesses that could provide more information.

Missouri residents are urged not to chase after drivers who speed off after hit and run car accidents but rather to report the incident to the police without delay. If the accident caused personal injury, the victim should seek medical attention and retain all expense details, along with information about lost income. Providing your attorney with as much information as possible may help him or her to build a strong case to protect your rights while pursuing recovery of damages.

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