Injured passengers may bring personal injury claim against driver

Missouri residents may not realize the potential repercussions of negligent driving while carrying passengers in their vehicles. The media regularly describe accidents involving groups of people — often between the ages 16 and 25 — resulting in severe personal injury or even death. The fun of one night out may prove to have dire consequences.

A recent Old Appleton accident is under investigation by authorities, who often have to piece together bits of information and evidence after single vehicle accidents. The only available information was that a vehicle on Route KK left the road and rolled over on a recent Thursday evening. Along with the driver, there were three passengers, all between 19 and 25 years old.

Police reported that two female passengers suffered severe injuries, while a third passenger and the driver suffered only moderate injuries. All four occupants were transported to an area hospital by ambulance. The media report gave no indication of factors that may have contributed to the accident.

The three passengers who were injured in this accident will now be facing high medical costs, and depending on the severity of their injuries, there may be long term consequences. Time away from work and potential injury rehabilitation treatments could bring about financial difficulties. The injured parties retain the right to pursue personal injury claims against the driver in a Missouri civil court. If the official accident investigation concludes that the crash was the result of the driver’s negligence, it could strengthen the case of the victims. The court may award a monetary judgment to cover medical costs, along with any additional damages allowed by state laws.

Source:, “Rollover crash sends four to hospital“, Tori Bowden, May 30, 2014