Injured police officer files lawsuit after auto accident

Injured police officer files lawsuit after auto accident

Missouri law enforcement officers are accustomed to helping others after there has been an auto accident. However, since officers must be on the road and go out and about just like anyone else, they too can be involved in accidents that cause injuries and fatalities. Some of the accidents happen in unusual circumstances. Law enforcement officers can face the same challenges as anyone else after a car accident. That includes medical costs, long-term injuries and problems getting back to work. Filing a lawsuit is an alternative for anyone who needs compensation after a crash.

A law enforcement officer in the suburbs was injured when a vehicle crashed into the restaurant he was in. He has filed a lawsuit seeking compensation. According to the officer, 38, he was off duty at the time of the accident. The driver of the vehicle, a 26-year-old male, is alleged to have been driving under the influence when he crashed into the establishment hitting the officer. The driver fled, but was later caught. The officer says that the establishment had served the driver too much alcohol prior to him getting into his vehicle and having the accident. The officer also says that his injuries are going to cost him his jobs. The driver, the bar owner and his insurer are all named in the filing.

To work in law enforcement or any other job that requires a certain amount of physical ability, a person cannot function if he or she is suffering from the aftereffects of an accident. If that accident was the fault of others, it is important to understand how necessary a legal filing will be to recover compensation for all they have lost. This is especially true if the accident occurred when a person was simply minding their own business and a vehicle suddenly ran into a building. The investigation is imperative as is taking the proper steps to file a claim.

As he sat in a bar eating, an off-duty police officer was hit by a car driven by a drunk driver that crashed into the building. With the injuries damaging his ability to work and his assertion that the driver was served after he should have been cut off, the officer has filed a claim to be compensated. People who are in motor vehicle accidents that impact them in similar ways should think about their future and call a law firm experienced in a variety of claims to take the next step for a legal filing.

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