Insurers may not be so friendly as money’s flowing the other way

Insurers may not be so friendly as money’s flowing the other way

That car accident along 70 changed your life as you know it, but thankfully you’ve got insurance to help you get back on your feet. But that assistance may not be as forthcoming as you’d hoped, with insurance companies sometimes having their own interests in mind.

Car accidents cause millions of injuries every year, and that’s usually when you expect your insurance company to step in. But it isn’t always that simple, as your insurer could be more concerned with their bottom line than seeing you healthy again.

Complicated claims

Always be on the lookout for underhanded motives that may come before your policy pays:

  • Holding pattern: Your insurance company may hem and haw as time drags on. This is a common tactic to try to get you to fall outside claim windows, miss statute of limitations or accept lesser offers because you’re drowning in bills.
  • Hardball: While you may deserve a lofty amount to cover your injuries, that doesn’t mean your policy provider wants to pay that money. They may offer you less than will cover your medical expenses in the hopes that you will just accept it without putting up a fight.
  • Tough defense: Insurance companies generally have a few methods to get you to negate your own coverage. While you’re expected to cooperate with your insurance company to an extent, they may request multiple interviews, ask leading questions or look for more-than-reasonable amounts of medical history.

Make sure your policy takes care of your needs as it should. Understanding the moves your insurance company is making could go a long way toward getting the payout you need.

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