Intoxication leads to fatal car accident injuries in Missouri

Intoxication leads to fatal car accident injuries in Missouri

Speeding is a common cause of highway collisions in Missouri. Coupled with intoxication, these circumstances can easily lead to fatal car accident injuries. According to Missouri State Highway Patrol, one such accident recently occurred which left one woman dead and two others severely injured after being struck by a drunk driver.

The incident occurred on March 14 in Saint Charles County. Police stated that the driver of a sedan was speeding on Interstate 64 when spotted by a trooper. The trooper activated his lights and siren and began following the sedan. At that point, the driver of the sedan rear-ended an SUV, which caused the SUV to flip.

Tragically, the driver of the SUV that was hit died at the scene. Her passenger was reported to be in serious condition and taken to a local hospital. The driver who caused the wreck was also injured and taken to the hospital. After an initial investigation, police determined that the driver of the sedan was driving under the influence.

Incidents like these are especially heartbreaking when it is clear that it could have been avoided altogether. Though nothing can replace a loved one who has passed, victims or their families may still seek justice by filing a  personal injury or a wrongful death lawsuit. They may receive financial compensation to help pay for medical bills, funeral costs or other related expenses if the claim is navigated successfully. An experienced Missouri personal injury attorney can assist anyone who was injured or lost a family member due to car accident injuries with filing a claim.

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