Large numbers of car accidents caused by road rage and aggression

Large numbers of car accidents caused by road rage and aggression

Reaching one’s destination safely is sometimes threatened by incidents of road rage. Road rage has become a factor in a significant number of Missouri car accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration distinguishes clearly between aggressive driving and road rage, though both are dangerous. Road rage is regarded as a criminal offense while aggressive driving is a traffic offense.

Road rage can be brought on by the actions of other drivers. For instance, a driver using a cell phone could spark anger from another motorist. Failing to switch from high-beams in the face of approaching traffic, and inconsiderate lane changing on the highways may also cause an adverse reaction. A driver who is prone to lose his or her temper may react by exhibiting road rage in certain circumstances. Authorities estimate that more than a third of road rage incidents involve firearms.

Aggressive driving tactics by one driver may cause road rage in another. Speeding to beat a red light, tailgating or flashing of headlights when catching up with a slower driver,and honking the horn or making obscene gestures to other drivers are all likely to provoke a response from other drivers. In doing so, the other driver may endanger other motorists or property. It may also lead to cases of assault by vehicle or the use of dangerous weapons.

The Auto Vantage auto club and the NHTSA compiled statistics indicating that aggressive driving causes two thirds of the fatal traffic accidents on our nation’s roadways. Many personal injury and wrongful death claims that are filed in Missouri civil courts result from car accidents attributed to road rage and/or aggressive driving . While the NHTSA recommends that motorists control aggression and be considerate of other road users, our civil justice system is available to accident victims — including the surviving families of deceased victims — to seek relief for any financial damages sustained. 

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