Mail carrier suffers dog bites all over her body

Mail carrier suffers dog bites all over her body

While there are many different types of accidents that can cause injuries to a Missouri resident, one of the most unexpected is from a dog attack. While dogs are treated as beloved pets, that does not alter the reality that if one is mistreated, vicious or allowed to run free, there is a chance that it can bite a person. When someone receives a dog bite, it can cause serious injury and even death. The owner of the dog is responsible for its behavior and it is possible to file a lawsuit to receive compensation after being bitten and injured by a dog.

A mail carrier was attacked by a dog as she did her job. Witnesses stated that they heard her screaming and went outside. She had bites all over her body and wounds on her arm and both legs. One neighbor provided first aid. Emergency personnel were called and the woman was taken to the hospital. After the attack, the owner of the dog placed it in her vehicle and fled the scene. The dog is a mix between a Labrador and a pit bull. Neighbors stated that this is the second known attack by the dog. The dog and its owner were found and the dog was taken into custody.

Being bitten by a dog can cause physical and psychological damage. There can be significant medical costs, missed time at work and long-term problems. Many people are unaware that a dog’s owner is responsible for its care and control. A dog attack can happen to a passerby or to a neighbor; it can affect a person who is working in the area and simply minding their own business. If a person did not adequately confine the dog, did not leash the dog, or did not account for a dog that has been vicious in the past, this can all be used in a possible legal filing.

In this attack, a mail carrier was bitten on multiple parts of her body by a dog. The dog had attacked others in the past and its owner took off with the dog after the incident. The woman was found and animal control took the dog. With the injuries this victim suffered, she must protect herself and consider seeking compensation through a legal filing. Speaking with a lawyer who is experienced in helping those injured in animal attacks is essential.

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