Man responsible for 1 of Missouri’s car accidents faces charges

Being involved in a collision is not desirable. Many factors can cause a wreck, like weather, the influence of alcohol, drugs, speed and a number of other distractions. Car accidents can result in physical damages, injuries and even the loss of loved ones. One Missouri man understands the cost of an automobile crash quite thoroughly, after his son died and many others were injured while he was behind the wheel.

While driving down the road one afternoon, a man driving with his wife and son caused a three-vehicle accident. After crossing the centerline, the 34-year-old driver impeded the path of an automobile headed the opposite direction, then causing another vehicle to join the collision. This accident cost the driver’s 3-year-old son his life and injured four others.

Over a year after the tragic car accident, the driver responsible is finally facing the consequences: seven years for involuntary manslaughter of the first degree and seven years for each count of second-degree assault for a total of 28 years, though some sentences can be served concurrently. Officials that arrived at the scene of the accident believe that the driver may have been under the influence as he stumbled, spoke slowly and smelled of intoxicated beverages. While he refused field sobriety tests, one blood test taken by hospital staff showed his blood-alcohol content above the legal limit.

Car accidents can be devastating and occur all too often. This tragic automobile collision in Missouri took the life of a precious little boy and injured many others. Though nothing can bring the child back and the driver responsible for the crash is facing criminal charges, those victims hurt in the collision can file claims for negligence. These claims can provide the victims with financial assistance with damages and medical expenses.

Source: Springfield News-Leader, Clark sentenced to prison for fatal crash, Rance Burger, Jan. 14, 2014