Many distracted drivers use social media and videos, study says

Many distracted drivers use social media and videos, study says

Distracted driving is a frequent topic of conversation in Missouri and across the nation. This not because it is trendy to discuss it, but because it is such a common and growing issue that is placing people in danger of a car crash with injuries and fatalities. While many will understandably classify being a distracted driver as texting and driving and making phone calls, the concerns are in fact worse as drivers are prone to take part in activities that require even greater attention to the device and will naturally reduce the amount of attention they pay to the road.

One recent study says that a significant number of drivers are using social media and even recording videos while driving. The study from showed that 55 percent of those who took part in a survey admitted they checked social medial while driving. One-quarter said they recorded a video when driving. An analyst for the site stated that the information is startling. It is not as simple as a parent or an experienced driver telling teens not to take part in these behaviors as parents and experienced drivers tend to do it too.

This is so common because people often fail to understand that they are part of the problem even if they have yet to have an car accident because of distracted driving. They do not think it applies to them and they are capable of multitasking effectively and safely. One research study showed that 93 percent of drivers across the nation categorize themselves as in the top half when it comes to safe driving resulting in the belief they will not have a car crash.

Fear of encountering a distracted driver is not assuaged by these studies. Even though initiatives such as April being “Distracted Driving Month” aim to inform and educate drivers as to its danger, many drivers continue with the behavior and even escalate it. When there is a crash, those who have been injured or lost a loved one should know that there is a legitimate possibility that it was due to distraction. Having a full investigation and garnering evidence is key to a case.


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