Missouri car accidents can cause serious pedestrian accidents

Missouri car accidents can cause serious pedestrian accidents

The term chain-reaction crash is used frequently to describe multi-vehicle accidents. However, these types of car accidents can also involve pedestrians who are traveling down the road or have gotten out of their vehicle to assist other motorists. When such a chain-reaction crash occurs on a Missouri street, the risk to motorists and pedestrians can be severe.

Two woman were transported to an area hospital after they were involved in a three vehicle crash. The accident occurred after a 32-year-old woman got out of her vehicle after an accident had occurred in front of her. A van, driven by a 52-year-old woman, stopped behind the pedestrian’s car. However, a pickup truck following the two vehicles did not stop and the truck rear-ended the van, which stemmed the chain-reaction crash.

The collision pushed the van into the pedestrian’s car, which then struck the woman who was standing outside. The impact of the crash caused the woman to be thrown to the pavement. Rescue officials arrived on the scene and the woman was airlifted to an area hospital. Her condition, along with the condition of the driver of the van, has not been released at this time.

Missouri police are continuing to investigate the accident. It is unclear whether this, like many car accidents that yield serious injuries, will result in criminal charges being brought. If they are, this may bolster any claim that the victims may have in seeking compensation for the injuries they sustained, which may have been the result of another driver’s reckless act.

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