Missouri car accidents can have consequences for speeding drivers

Missouri car accidents can have consequences for speeding drivers

Many individuals have been taught defensive driving skills to better ensure their safety when behind the wheel of a vehicle. Anytime that a motor vehicle driver has passengers, he or she becomes responsible for their safety and well-being. Unfortunately, car accidents with severe and sometimes fatal injuries to passengers can occur on Missouri roadways.

A recent SUV crash in St. Louis resulted in injuries being suffered by a motorist and two of his passengers. A third passenger died as a consequence of the accident. The driver of the SUV apparently lost control of the vehicle and it eventually crashed on top of a parked car at a local gas station. Authorities report that the driver was speeding when the accident occurred.

A 32-year-old victim was violently thrown out of the SUV during the crash. He was transported to a local hospital where he eventually succumbed to his fatal injuries. The driver and his other two passengers were also taken to a hospital after sustaining non-life-threatening injuries.

The SUV driver could soon be facing consequences for his or her actions. When evidence suggests that car accidents involving fatalities or serious injuries were caused by the negligence of another party, then a victim (or the family in the event of a death) has the right to file a claim in a Missouri civil court. A successful wrongful death claim could provide monetary relief to help a victim’s family better cope with funeral and burial expenses and other monetary damages recognized by our laws. Compensation gained from a successful personal injury claim can be applied toward an injured victim’s medical expenses, rehabilitation costs and any lost wages for time missed from work while recovering.

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