Missouri car accidents: Elderly couple killed in wrong-way crash

Missouri car accidents: Elderly couple killed in wrong-way crash

No matter the circumstances, loss of life is a difficult situation for families to deal with. Car accidents have become one common cause of fatalities. Though nothing can replace a loved one, families may consider filing a wrongful death lawsuit as a means of seeking justice for their loss. One Missouri family is likely looking into their legal options after an elderly couple was killed in a recent collision.

The accident occurred when the teenage driver of a pickup truck crossed the center line on a local highway. Missouri State Highway Patrol stated that the elderly driver of the other vehicle involved saw the truck and attempted to steer out of the way by also crossing the center line. Unfortunately, this did not prevent the collision and the two vehicles struck each other head-on.

The elderly driver and his wife, who was a passenger in his vehicle, were both severely injured. They were taken to separate hospitals for treatment following the crash. Both succumbed to their injuries and died within one hour of each other. The teenage truck driver was not harmed in the accident.

Though the ultimate cause of the crash is still unknown, the victims’ family could still file a wrongful death claim in civil court. By working with an experienced personal injury attorney, they could receive monetary compensation to cover medical bills, funeral costs and other related damages if the claim is successful. Any Missouri families who have lost loved ones in car accidents could receive similar benefits by properly navigating a wrongful death lawsuit.

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