Missouri car accidents result in 7 deaths over Labor Day weekend

Missouri car accidents result in 7 deaths over Labor Day weekend

The tragic death of a family member or a loved one is something that everyone hopes to never have to experience. The pain and suffering that results is immeasurable and almost no amount of time is enough to bring about closure. Motor vehicle accidents can often result in serious injuries and are sometimes even fatal. There were seven fatal car accidents that occurred in Missouri over the recent holiday weekend.

As expected, Missouri saw increased traffic on the roadways over the recent Labor Day weekend. There were a grand total of 248 car accidents reported. The seven deaths that occurred equaled the number from a year ago. Most of the accidents occurred on state highways, which always see the biggest increases in traffic during holiday periods. Police recommend being even more observant of traffic rules during holiday periods in order to lower the odds of being involved in an accident.

Traffic also picked up significantly on Missouri waterways during the holiday weekend. There were nine boating accidents resulting in seven injuries that were reported. These instances mainly occurred on lakes and rivers across the state.

Motor vehicle accidents like those reported on Labor Day weekend can have life-altering effects on the individuals involved and their families. Missouri has laws in place that allow for the victims or their families to file personal injury or wrongful death claims. When car accidents or boat accidents result in serious injuries or death, monetary relief based upon evidence of negligencecan be sought to help with medical bills and any rehabilitation. In cases involving a fatality, compensation can be awarded for the pain and suffering and to help cover funeral expenses.

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