Missouri cities appear twice in top 20 for dog bites

Missouri cities appear twice in top 20 for dog bites

The idea of dogs biting mail carriers might seem like something from television comedy, but it is a legitimate issue with many mail carriers suffering serious injury because of it. Any dog bite incident can result in extensive damage to the victim. In some cases, it even results in death. Research is done to assess how common dogs bite mail carriers and where the problem is most frequently occurring. A new study impacts Missourians as two large cities fell in the top 20 for number of dog bites. Mail carriers and anyone else who is bitten by an animal should remember that they have rights to be compensated.

The U.S. Postal Service released its statistics for dog bites in 2018. It stated that Kansas City and St. Louis were ranked 15th and 18th respectively. There were more than 5,700 overall bites across the nation. In Kansas City, there were 31. Often, letter carriers were told that the dogs they were encountering were not going to bite them. However, they are advised to treat any dog as if it will attack. If people restrain and train their animals, these incidents should not happen. Unfortunately, they are quite common all over the nation. In all, more than 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs every year. Among the most vulnerable are children and the elderly.

While this study examines mail carriers, any person who is attacked by a dog has the right to seek compensation for the aftermath. With medical expenses, lost income, the emotional impact and other problems, a dog attack can change a person’s life. The owner of the animal should be held accountable for their lack of care in ensuring that the dog was not free to bite anyone. Having legal advice after a dog attack is one of the key factors in gathering evidence and pursuing a legal claim.

Whether a person was working at the time of a dog bite or was simply passing by when a dog attacked, it is crucial to have legal advice to determine what must be done. A law firm that has helped many people who have been injured and lost loved ones after dog bites should be called for guidance and help immediately to begin the process of filing a lawsuit.

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