Missouri motorcyclist seriously injured

Missouri motorcyclist seriously injured

Roadways in Missouri can be hazardous these days. This can be particularly true for a motorcyclist. Whether an accident is caused by distracted driving or any number of other possible causes, those riding motorcycles can be seriously injured when involved in accidents with other vehicles. A recent collision left one Missouri biker with severe injuries.

The accident occurred Feb. 19, 2017 and involved a motorcycle and a van. According to Missouri State Highway Patrol, the driver of the van crossed the center line of the road and struck the motorcycle. Police did not state whether the driver of the van would be charged with any violation or what caused the van to veer out of its lane.

The driver of the motorcycle was severely injured in the accident and was flown to a local hospital via helicopter. No specific details about his injuries were given, however. The driver of the van was not injured. Luckily, both of these men were utilizing safety devices at the time of the accident. This likely helped to prevent any fatalities.

If the evidence in this investigation finds that the driver of the van was negligent, the motorcyclist would be entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit against him. The victim could then receive monetary damages if the claim proves successful. This financial aid could then be used to pay medical bills and other expenses related to the accident. With the help of an experienced personal injury attorney, any Missouri resident involved in a similar accident could also pursue a personal injury claim.

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