Missouri pedestrian accidents: Young boy killed in hit-and-run

Missouri pedestrian accidents: Young boy killed in hit-and-run

Hit-and-run collisions involving pedestrians that end in fatalities are always unfortunate. Pedestrian accidents of this nature are even more distressing when the victims are children. One Missouri family is mourning the loss of their 7-year-old son after he was involved in a hit-and-run while riding his bicycle.

The young victim was riding his bicycle near the road when the collision occurred. Witnesses report that a red Jeep struck the boy near the curb and then sped off around the corner. After the victim was struck, his father found him in the street. He was taken to the hospital but tragically succumbed to his injuries and passed away shortly thereafter.

The owner of the Jeep has been found and is reportedly cooperating with police. However, witnesses disagree over whether a male or female was behind the wheel at the time of the hit-and-run. The victim’s family claims that a surveillance camera caught the whole incident on video. Police are still investigating and have stated that they have not ruled out charges. 

Though criminal charges may be filed once the investigation is completed, the victim’s family could still file a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court against the driver of the Jeep. If their lawsuit proves successful, they could receive monetary damages to help pay for medical bills, funeral costs and other monetary damages related to the collision. Experienced Missouri personal injury attorneys could assist any families who have lost loved ones to pedestrian accidents file claims and navigate the legal proceedings.

Source: fox2now.com, “Parents distraught after 7-year-old son struck by car and killed“, Andy Banker, April 24, 2017

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