Missouri pedestrian accidents:

When Missouri pedestrians take to the roads, they may want to take extra care. While a motorist has the protection of the vehicle’s structure, safety belt and airbags in the event of an accident, a pedestrian has no protection. Similarly, motorists must be vigilant to avoid pedestrian accidents, especially in cases where there are no sidewalks and pedestrian have no choice but to walk on the roadway.

A man from northeast Missouri was recently taken into custody and jailed in advance of a preliminary hearing. He faces charges fleeing the accident scene and armed criminal action, along with a charge of assault. The charges originate from a pedestrian accident that occurred on a recent Wednesday evening when he allegedly struck a female pedestrian and failed to stop.

A woman was walking along a local roadway in Adair County when she turned around to respond to a friend who waved at her, and as she turned, she saw the SUV coming directly at her. She stated that there was no time to get away from the approaching vehicle. Reportedly, the SUV knocked her down, and the driver then continued on his way. Police responded to a call reporting the accident and found the injured female pedestrian. The SUV driver was subsequently found at his place of residence and taken into custody.

Pedestrian accidents can cause serious injuries, physical pain and financial losses. When the driver of the vehicle speeds away, the victim’s suffering and aggravation may escalate. Victims of such accidents may be able to obtain restitution by successfully pursuing a personal injury claim in a Missouri civil courtroom. If negligence is established by a preponderance of the evidence, the court may award monetary damages. Any conviction achieved in criminal court may be used in civil court to bolster the claim.

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