Missouri police pursuit ends in 2 car accidents and injuries to 1

When drivers choose to pay no heed to attempts by authorities to pull them off the road, they put their own lives in jeopardy, along with the lives of other road users. High-speed chases in Missouri often result in multiple car accidents with severe injuries and even fatalities. Law enforcement officers in Boone County were recently involved in a short-distance chase that took only minutes but sent one person to the hospital.

At about 8 p.m. on a recent Wednesday evening, a deputy reportedly witnessed a four-door sedan failing to obey a stop sign, and when the deputy waved the driver off the road, he took no notice. During the pursuit that followed, the fleeing driver allegedly ignored a red traffic light and struck two other vehicles in the intersection. The chase continued for a short distance, and when the offender stopped to turn right, two passengers exited from his car and fled on foot while deputies apprehended the driver.

The driver of one of the vehicles that was smashed into was transported to a hospital with injuries of unknown severity. The driver of the four-door sedan is now facing multiple charges, including resisting arrest, second-degree assault and failure to remain at an accident scene. In addition, he stands accused of several traffic violations and remains in custody on bond of $15,350.

Missouri residents who have suffered personal injury in car accidents that resulted from the imprudent and careless actions of another party may want to pursue recovery of damages incurred. They retain the right to file a personal injury claim in a civil court, and successful presentation may result in a court awarding the victim monetary judgment to cover medical expenses that resulted from the accident. In addition, if deemed appropriate under state laws, additional damages may be awarded.

Source: columbiatribune.com, “Man arrested after leading deputies on pursuit“, Alan Burdziak, July 8, 2014