Missouri ranked as risky for teens and potential for a car crash

Teens from across the nation are excited to receive their driver’s licenses and get out on the road. This is universal and not just in Missouri. However, the basic dangers of driving and sharing the road with others are exacerbated by different factors, including the age and experience of the driver. Since teens who are new to driving will generally not have the experience necessary to understand how to be as safe as possible, it is inevitable that the inexperience combined with other risky behaviors will lead to crashes.

Studies are conducted to examine the potential for danger when on the road, and one study examined the statistical frequency of accidents and more for teens. It found that Missouri is one of the worst states for teen safety when they are on the road. WalletHub, a website that focuses on personal finance, looked at every state in the union. 23 different metrics were used to come to its conclusions, including the number of deaths with teens on the road, how much it cost to fix cars after crashes and the laws for impaired driving.

Auto accidents are the most common ways for teens to die from the age of 16 to 19. In the rankings, Missouri was next-to-last for its driving laws; 44th for safety and 27th for economic environment. In addition, the state is one of 15 in the nation that has fewer than two of the six laws that are considered optimal for graduated licensing. Ironically, a state like New York, where it is often viewed as a busier and riskier place to drive not just for teens but for anyone on the road, came in first in the study for safety.

People who are in an auto accident and suffer injuries or lose a loved one might not want to hear about safety statistics, but this is important when seeking compensation in a legal filing. The investigation into the accident is key when considering a case for medical expenses, lost wages, lost consortium and more. A law firm experienced in reading and understanding statistics for car accidents can utilize them when moving forward with a case. This not only explains a possible reason why the crash occurred but also where to start the investigation process.