Missouri ranks low on list of states in highway safety laws

All Missourians who head out on the road in their vehicles, as a motorcyclist, a bicyclist or a pedestrian are in constant danger of becoming involved in a crash. These accidents can cause significant changes to a person’s life, cause them to accrue massive medical expenses, and can even cause death. Research is useful to determine the reasons these accidents happen. Since there are approximately 100 deaths on the road each day across the nation, the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety has released a “report card” to detail the safest and most dangerous states in the U.S. Missouri came in close to the bottom.

The ratings were based on whether the states had 16 laws that the advocacy group believes to be essential to prevent accidents, injuries and fatalities. Included are laws regarding new drivers, how infants and toddlers are protected, the mandating of helmets for motorcyclists, distracted driving laws, impaired driving laws, and seatbelt laws. While strategies are currently in the planning stages to raise the number of driverless cars to reduce human error or negligence as a reason for crashes, that technology is in its infancy and people must be compelled to improve safety on their own.

Close to 37,500 people died in auto accidents in 2016, and there was an increase of 5.6 percent from the previous year. There was a 9 percent increase in pedestrian deaths; fatal accidents for drivers 65 and older rose by close to 9 percent. From 2014 to 2015, there was an increase of fatalities on the road by 8.4 percent. That is the highest increase in 50 years. The numbers for 2017 are still being accumulated and it is initially believed that there was an improvement, but they are still higher than they were in 2015.

As states grapple with distracted driving and other road issues, those who were involved in car accidents and are facing injuries, medical costs, lost time at work or the death of a loved one should know that these safety factors can affect them. A lawsuit is often the only method to recover damages for the losses after a crash. A legal professional experienced in motor vehicle accidents can help with a crash reconstruction and moving forward with a legal claim for an accident and its aftermath.

Source: fairwarning.org, “California and 5 Other States Get Best Ratings for Highway Safety Laws,” Paul Feldman, Jan. 22, 2018