Missouri teens seen as some of the most dangerous in the nation

Missouri teens seen as some of the most dangerous in the nation

There are multiple dangers on the roadways in Missouri and many are difficult to avoid. Teen drivers are risky because of their inexperience and that they are more likely to indulge in dangerous behaviors such as texting and driving. This is especially worrisome in the summer as there are more teens on the road. A recent study has examined teen drivers across the nation and ranked them. Missouri came in near the bottom.

In addition to having a low ranking in the study, the state also shuns the graduated driver’s license program for young drivers. In the state, it is possible for a driver to get a learner’s permit at age 15. Some believe that this is a factor in the number of accidents teens have. A leading number of fatalities among teens is a car crash.

In Missouri in 2016, there were almost 29,000 crashes with a young driver involved. An enforcement officer believes that youth, lack of experience and drivers who are distracted by the wheel are significant causes for these accidents. Experience is believed to be the best teacher, but it cannot help in all accidents.

With the reality that teens will be on the road, particularly in the summer, there will be accidents in which they are involved. Some of these will result in injuries that require medical treatment, surgical procedures, long-term care and more. Others will be so serious there is a fatality. People who have been in a car accident need to have a full investigation to determine how and why it happened. A legal filing can help with expenses and compensation for pain and suffering. A lawyer experienced in motor vehicle accidents can help.

Source: kshb.com, “Study shows Missouri has some of the worst teen drivers,” McKenzie Nelson, July 5, 2017

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