Missouri truck accidents: 18-wheeler rear-ended, 1 driver killed

Missouri truck accidents: 18-wheeler rear-ended, 1 driver killed

Fatal vehicle accidents are a sudden tragedy, carrying a shock wave of grief, and questions, to family and friends of the deceased. When the cause of a wreck is unknown, answers and closure are sometimes difficult to achieve. In the case of a truck accident involving multiple vehicles in the northern part of St. Louis County recently, it is unclear when all the details will be disclosed.

A 66-year old man drove his car into the back of an 18-wheeler along Interstate 270 at about 9:30 one evening in early August. While the man was still in his vehicle, another car struck his from behind. He was locked between the truck and the other car. He was extricated and transported to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. None of the parties to the crash were identified in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy.

With the heavy amount of semi traffic in Missouri, truck accidents are not uncommon. We often hear of roll-overs, overloaded vehicles, or fatigue causing problems for drivers. With few details available, however, it is difficult to know if the 18 wheeler was having difficulties, or if the victim and the following driver caused the wreck due to other circumstances.

Details may be few, but key information available in police reports, driver’s logs and from a full investigation may provide insight for the family. Working with a professional team to gather evidence and reconstruct a case can help in determining if the accident was due to the negligence of one or more parties. Armed with all relevant information, the victim’s family can then assess the viability of pursuing a wrongful death civil claim under Missouri law.

Source: kmov.com, “Man dies after getting trapped in wreck involving semi-truck on I-270,” Aug. 6, 2013

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