Missouri truck accidents: Child dies 2 days after crash

Truck drivers often spend long hours on the road. In addition, they must control a very large vehicle that often carries heavy loads. Unfortunately, these factors can create a risk for truck accidents. Sadly, one head-on collision between a tractor-trailer and a car here in Missouri has resulted in the tragic death of a young child. In the aftermath of the crash, the child’s loved ones could decide to pursue a claim for wrongful death.

The accident happened near Green City on the afternoon of Jan. 31. It was approximately 2 p.m. when the driver of the tractor-trailer, who was heading westbound on Highway 6, crossed over the center line. He struck a Chrysler that was traveling eastbound. Reports do not indicate what may have caused the driver to lose control of the truck.

The driver of the Chrysler, a 27-year-old woman, was transported to a local hospital along with her young son. The child, who was less than a year old, was transferred later to the University of Missouri Hospital. He died from his injuries two days after the accident occurred. According to reports, the truck driver was not wearing a safety belt and only sustained minor injuries.

As the child’s family prepares to lay him to rest, they may face financial hardships from medical and funeral expenses. They may find it beneficial to learn more about our state’s personal injury laws as they pertain to truck accidents and what options they may have for filing a wrongful death action. Such a claim, if successful, may bring them some much-needed financial relief. In addition, it may help them find some closure and a sense of justice so they can begin to heal.

Source: Kirksville Daily Express, Child dies after crash on Highway 6, No author, Feb. 3, 2014