Modern distractions take drivers’ eyes off the road

Modern distractions take drivers’ eyes off the road

Motorists in Missouri and elsewhere can recall being told to keep their eyes on the road since the very first time they got behind the wheel of a vehicle. This is not just a saying, and it was told with good reason. With the constant advancements in technology and the growing need to stay connected, distracted driving is increasing across the nation.

A major culprit of distracted driving is cellphone use. This is because it can cause all three forms of distractions. It causes the driver to take his or her eyes off of the road, hands off of the wheel and mind off the primary task of driving. However, based on current research, it was found the key factor in distracted driving is the eyes rather than the brain.

This means that the greatest risks associated with distracted driving is when a driver’s eyes are not on the road. In other words, if a driver cannot see where they are going, they cannot take measures to avoid a collision. This does not mean that distractions that cause one to take one’s mind off of driving cannot cause crashes; it just means that there is a greater risk of being involved in a motor vehicle accident when a driver takes his or her eyes off of the road.

The aftermath of a car accident can be devastating and traumatic. The pain and suffering that results can be life altering; therefore, it is important to understand what actions can be taken following a car accident. A personal injury claim could help hold a distracted driver accountable for the damages suffered by the victim. This civil action could help address losses such as medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages and other related damages.

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