Motorcycle accidents: 23-year-old killed in crash with Jeep

When a motorcycle and a car collide, the motorcyclist is typically more likely to die than the driver or passengers of a car. Without the protection of the body of the car and a seat belt to prevent ejection, bike riders often suffer catastrophic injuries — or worse — in motorcycle accidents. Missouri police reported a fatal bike crash that occurred near a busy Columbia intersection on a recent Monday afternoon.

Certain aspects of the accident are still under investigation, but a preliminary report indicates that the motorcycle crashed into a Jeep. Police say the Jeep driver made a left turn off Providence Road when an oncoming motorcycle traveling on the same road crashed into the Jeep’s passenger side. It is not yet clear whether the Jeep driver failed to yield for the approaching bike.

According to authorities, the impact of the crash caused the motorcycle to burst into flames. Despite the protection of his crash helmet, the 23-year-old motorcyclist suffered critical injuries, and he was rushed to a medical facility where he was declared deceased. Reportedly, the driver of the Jeep and a juvenile passenger were uninjured. Authorities have determined that the vehicle driver was not impaired by alcohol or drugs at the time of the crash.

When the lives of loved ones are lost in motorcycle accidents, the surviving family members may pursue financial relief by filing wrongful death lawsuits in a Missouri civil court. However, negligence on the part of another party will have to be established before the court will consider a monetary judgment. Documented claims for consideration of the court may include all pecuniary losses along with non-financial and emotional damages brought about by the sudden death of a loved one.

Source:, “23-year-old motorcyclist killed in crash on Providence Road“, March 28, 2016