Motorcycle-car crash severs rider’s leg; driver arrested

Motorcycle-car crash severs rider’s leg; driver arrested

Motorcyclists in Missouri must be aware of their surroundings when they are out on the road. Along with the general risks that accompany being a motorcycle rider, there are always other dangers. These dangers include, drivers who are not adhering to the rules of the road, do not have common courtesy, drive recklessly, drive with a failure to observe, drive with a failure to yield, or drivers who operate under the influence.

Since motorcyclists are so vulnerable, a crash can lead to serious injuries. Those who are involved in motorcycle accidents and their families should be cognizant of what steps to take in the aftermath.

An recent auto accident with a motorcycle led to the arrest of two women in Missouri. The motorcycle rider was hit by a vehicle that was going the wrong way on the road. He was taken by air to the hospital, but, unfortunately, he lost his leg. The driver of the other vehicle was arrested for multiple offenses, including possession of drug paraphernalia, second degree assault, possession of a controlled substance, and DWI. The passenger in the vehicle was also arrested for possession of a controlled substance. The investigation is ongoing.

With a motorcycle accident, people can have head injuries, spinal cord injuries, suffer serious lacerations, break bones, and lose limbs. The after effects of a crash can be long-lasting and change the lives of the rider and their family. With the medical bills and hospital care, there can be problems getting back to normal functioning, being able to work, and participating in the lives of loved ones. If the rider survives, they might need care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This can place a personal, financial and emotional strain on everyone involved. A lawsuit is often the only way to be adequately compensated after a motorcycle crash.

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