Negligent drivers causing car accidents may face civil lawsuits

Crash victims in Missouri often have to face high medical bills, and in some cases, long-term treatment may be required. If such unanticipated expenses are caused by other drivers whose negligence caused or contributed to the car accidents, it is not uncommon for personal injury claims to be filed against those drivers. Such a lawsuit may follow a recent crash that occurred in Cassville.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, three vehicles were involved in the crash that took place on a recent Tuesday evening. Reportedly, a 39-year-old man was driving along a local highway when he decided to make a turn. Unfortunately, he failed to yield to an oncoming car and turned directly into its way.

A head-on collision followed in which both drivers suffered serious injuries. Shortly after the initial crash, a third vehicle failed to avoid the wreck and smashed into the first car. No information about the driver of the third vehicle was provided, but the two injured victims were taken to a hospital for treatment.

The man who drove into the path of the other car may have to face a personal injury claim in a Missouri civil court. The other driver will be entitled to file such a claim to pursue recovery of damages sustained. However, documented claims will not be adjudicated before negligence has been established before the court. Once financial liability is determined, claims will be considered by the court. Typically these may include all economic losses brought about by car accidents, along with emotional damages such as pain and suffering.

Source:, “Two Cassville Residents Injured in Three Vehicle Crash”, Tim Church, Oct. 5, 2016