Passenger dies as result of car accident injuries

Passenger dies as result of car accident injuries

A young Missouri woman died recently in an auto collision while she was riding as a passenger. The 19-year-old victim died as a result of the traumatic car accident injuries she suffered when the driver of her vehicle crossed into the path of another oncoming vehicle. The victim was declared dead by emergency medical personnel at the scene of the crash.

The driver of the vehicle was arrested at the scene of the accident and was charged with possession of a controlled substance, felony assault and driving while intoxicated. The driver was attempting to cross over Highway 30 in Jefferson County when she pulled in front of an oncoming vehicle. Once struck, the vehicle went down an embankment and hit a tree. The driver of the other vehicle was taken to the hospital.

As this accident illustrates, intoxicated driving due to the use of drugs or alcohol is extremely dangerous. There is no excuse for this type of behavior or the needless endangerment of innocent drivers and passengers, but victims do have legal options. Those who have been injured, or the family of those who were killed, have the right to seek compensation for their pain, suffering and financial losses.

While a wrongful death claim cannot bring back the young lady who was killed in this tragic accident, a civil claim may help those left behind. Through the appropriate options for recourse available under the law, they may be able to recover losses associated with funeral expenses, and treatment of her car accident injuries before her death and more. A complete case evaluation will identify a suitable course of action for this Missouri family. 

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