Passenger suffers personal injury in Hwy 110 auto accident

Passenger suffers personal injury in Hwy 110 auto accident

It is not uncommon for passengers to suffer serious injuries in crashes on Missouri roads. Unfortunately, not all drivers recognize their responsibility to protect the safety of their passengers. The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported that such a car accident caused personal injury to a passenger on a recent Monday afternoon.

According to an accident report, the crash occurred in the area of De Soto on Hwy. 110. It indicated that a 24-year-old Hillsboro woman was eastbound on the highway in a pickup truck when she decided to pass another car. In her attempt to pass, she apparently noticed approaching traffic, and, to avoid those vehicles, she veered right, striking the car she was overtaking.

Reportedly, the pickup truck driver then lost control of the car and it went off the roadway and rolled over. A third vehicle became involved in the crash when debris from the wreck struck it. Authorities said the two drivers of the cars were not injured. The driver of the pickup truck and her passenger were both transported to a hospital. The driver was apparently released after treatment, but the 20-year-old passenger was seriously injured and remained hospitalized.

The injured passenger will likely find comfort in knowing that she may pursue financial relief to help with medical bills and other losses such as lost income. She is entitled to file a personal injury claim in a Missouri civil court against the driver of the pickup truck. She will have to establish negligence before the court will consider awarding monetary recovery of documented claims for emotional and financial damages sustained.

Source:, “Two Hillsboro women hurt in three-vehicle accident on Hwy. 110 in De Soto area“, Kim Robertson, April 12, 2016

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