Pedestrian accident sends two teens to hospital with injuries

Pedestrian accident sends two teens to hospital with injuries

Missouri pedestrians are vulnerable to injuries and fatalities when involved in a car crash. Some of the most at-risk people are students as they go back and forth to school. While it is a goal that drivers will understand the dangers to students and pay strict attention to the road, avoid recklessness and negligence, and follow the speed limit when near a school, that does not mean they will be as vigilant as they should be. When a pedestrian accident occurs, the victim can suffer catastrophic injuries and all the negatives that those types of injuries entail. Having legal advice is vital to decide on the next steps following one of these incidences, which may be the case for some Missouri students and their parents.

There, a vehicle went out of control and ran onto the sidewalk, hitting two high school students. The accident occurred after school had ended for the day. The vehicle first rear-ended another vehicle. Its airbags were activated and the vehicle subsequently went on to hit the students from behind. The victims were hospitalized. One was seriously injured, but her life is not believed to be in jeopardy. The other’s injuries were said to be minor. As the investigation has moved forward, a law enforcement spokesman said the traffic was light and the vehicle that was rear-ended was not stopped. The cause of the crash is still being determined.

Broken bones, brain injuries, spinal cord damage and other serious injuries can result when a pedestrian is hit by a car. If it happens when the pedestrian is not watching and has no chance to try and move or brace him or herself, the danger of long-term damage is exponentially worse. These crashes can even lead to fatalities. With the medical expenses and negative impact these pedestrian accidents can have on an individual and his or her family, a legal filing is often the only way to recover adequate compensation to pay for all that was lost.

Two female high school students who had just left school suddenly found themselves on the way to the hospital after being hit by a car that had rear-ended another vehicle and ran into them. With both having been injured and the investigation into the accident ongoing, it is imperative that they and their families understand the need for legal protection by calling a law firm that helps those who have suffered car accident injuries. These legal professionals can provide guidance and help in filing a claim in hopes of imposing liability and recovering compensation.


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