Pedestrian accidents: Disabled Missouri man struck by city truck

Pedestrian accidents: Disabled Missouri man struck by city truck

Missouri pedestrians must pay careful attention when traveling roadways these days. This is especially true for those who are disabled. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents are not uncommon and can often lead to serious injuries for those involved. A recent accident took the life of a disabled man after he was struck by a city water department dump truck.

The accident occurred at a Kansas City intersection on March 16. According to police, the victim attempted to cross the street just before the light turned green. The truck driver claims he did not see the victim crossing and proceeded forward when the light changed, striking the man.

The driver stated that he was unaware he had hit anything until he felt something fall from the truck, after which he returned to the intersection. Tragically, the victim died from his injuries at the scene of the collision. Neither the driver of the truck nor his passenger suffered any injuries.

Due to the severe nature of this incident, the victim’s family may consider retaining the services of an experienced personal injury attorney to file a wrongful death claim against the truck driver and the trucker’s employer. If they can prove that the driver was negligent, they may then be entitled to monetary damages to help cover the funeral costs or any other financial losses associated with the incident. Any Missouri families who have lost loved ones in pedestrian accidents can also consult attorneys to assist them in filing claims. Though nothing can replace loss of life, filing a claim could help families find some sense of closure.

Source: U.S. News & World Report, “Man in Wheelchair Dies After Hit by Kansas City Truck“, March 17, 2017

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