Pedestrian accidents: Family struck by alleged drugged driver

Biking, jogging or just taking a walk with one’s family should not be a life-threatening experience. Missouri laws require drivers to keep a lookout for pedestrians, yield to them in crosswalks and obey speed limits, traffic lights and other rules of the road. When vehicle operators fail to take due care, pedestrian accidents with devastating consequences can result.

An accident was caused by an alleged drugged driver in St. Ann on a recent Tuesday afternoon. According to a police report, a couple was crossing a local street, pushing their infant in a stroller, when a car smashed into them. A witness reported seeing the driver travel right through the intersection without stopping. The impact apparently threw the baby about 10 feet up in the air.

Miraculously, the parents and the infant survived the accident, and they were all rushed to the hospital. The conditions of the baby and the mother are reportedly critical while the father suffered an injury to his leg. Medics revived the driver — who was apparently high on drugs — by giving him Narcan, which is used to treat an overdose by heroin. The St. Ann Police took the driver into custody.

This Missouri family will be burdened with high medical costs — not to mention the emotional trauma that is typically caused by serious pedestrian accidents. They will be entitled to pursue financial relief by filing personal injury claims against the driver in a civil court. In order for the court to consider documented claims for recovery of financial and emotional losses, negligence on the part of the driver will have to be established.

Source:, “Missouri driver high on heroin strikes family, throwing baby 10 feet in the air”, Randall, April 6, 2016