Pedestrian accidents: Missouri man killed on his way to church

Pedestrian accidents: Missouri man killed on his way to church

Pedestrians should not feel as if they are risking their life by simply taking a walk or run. Missouri pedestrian accidents seem to be on the rise. With that being said, drivers exercising caution and alertness when navigating the roadways are critical to avoiding these types of incidents. There are times, sadly, where drivers will hit someone and keep driving. No matter what time of the day, drivers should always be on the lookout for pedestrians.

According to recent news reports, a Missouri man was crossing the road on his way to church when he was fatally hit by a northbound vehicle. Sadly, the victim was then struck by a southbound vehicle. The initial driver kept going, failing to stop at the scene of the accident. The southbound driver is currently cooperating with authorities. An investigation regarding this tragic event is underway, and efforts are being made to locate the northbound driver.

Losing a loved one to a careless act is devastating, but not having any closure makes the tragedy that much worse to handle. Accidents unfortunately do happen, but driving more cautiously and more attentively help to decrease the number of pedestrian accidents that do occur. While the hit-and-run driver in this crash got to go home to his or her family, the fatally injured man will obviously never have that opportunity again.

Once the northbound driver is apprehended, the families of the victim may choose to file a wrongful death claim in civil court. The assistance of an experienced Missouri personal injury attorney could help any families of victims fatally injured in pedestrian accidents to pursue recovery of monetary damages. Those in Missouri who are successful may be awarded judgments for medical, burial and additional financial losses.

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